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Gratitude for connecting! I am Alejandra and feel a strong connection to my Native roots from México and the Nahuatl heritage. I grew up in a small border town and have always had an inkling for herbology, subtle energy, spirituality and psychology. I began my holistic journey in 2012 after visiting the sacred sites in

Tenochtitlan, México, D.F.

I began teaching movement and breathing to at risk-middle school boys after completing my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. My concentrations in counseling always involved Jungian concepts and the subconscious mind. By 2015 I was actively teaching Therapeutic Yoga in the community, studios and private small group settings. I received my 200 hour Yoga Certification in Bhakti/Iyengar Yoga in 2017 and my 300 hour Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga Certification in 2019, focusing on somatic techniques, mindfulness/meditation and client centered coaching. My journey then directed me to expand into merging my two passions of neurobiology, nervous system regulation and neurobiology. On 2020, I received Practitioner Certification in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy.

As an Intuitive Coach, my service delivery is uniquely tailored to each client. To see if this space is aligned with you reach out and schedule a connection call.

In gratitude...

Coaching- 1:1 and Couples

I have transformed my background in Marriage & Family Therapy into a practice to serve women and couples seeking to connect inwardly with the use of modalities such as: Neurolinguistic Programming, Social Emotional Integration and Movement.

Yoga, Breath & Mindfulness

The integration of Yoga (movement) & breath facilitates a doorway into a sacred practice seeped in mindfulness and intention. This is also intertwined with our neurochemistry and neurobiology including nervous system regulation and trauma release and message integration.

Plant & Herbal Consultations

An integrated service to enhance your healing journey with the use of herbal remedies, essential oils and natural infusions. Please consult with your PCP before considering this practice and note that these are NOT consultations provided by a medical professional.


Services offered available in Spanish

Priority service for women in the service fields-education, social work, counseling, etc.

Yoga & Breathwork

Individual Yoga 60 min = $88

Partner Yoga 60 min = $180

Yoga & Soundbath 75 min = $99

for corporate & large groups contact for invoice

Intuitive Coaching

(6 sessions minimum)

Connection Call (intro) 45 min = ❤️ offering

1:1 Coaching 60 min = $115

Couples Coaching 60 min = $188

Coaching coupled with

other services 60 min = $222

*Customized Individual Coaching Plans Available upon request*

Payment Plans available for Energetic exchanges

Community feedback

I am amazed by Ale's gentle strength each class I take. She offers fun challenges and celebrates even the smallest accomplishments. Her dedication to Yoga is contagious, and I am excited to take more classes with her!

- Courtney

My experience was amazing with Alejandra. She is intuitive; her questions are spot on and she was able to take me deep inside myself to find out emotions and negative beliefs about myself I did not even know were there. Something about her connection to truth and intuition and the safe space she holds allowed me to connect with things about myself I didn't realize.

- Lauren

This was an amazing Yoga class- just perfect for a Friday night- a great mix of easier flow and relaxation.

- Donna

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